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Reflections of a disturbed mind.

Félix Gómez

29 April 1987
30 seconds to mars, 31 minutos, american beauty, amlie, avril lavigne, b-happy, bang bang you're dead, bienvenida realidad, big fish, biking, billy elliot, brothers & sisters, catcher in the rye, chapter 27, closer, control, crazy/beautiful, critics, cruel intentions, damien rice, daria, dashboard confessional, davis california, election, elephant, eternal sunshine, existential crisis, fragilidad, francisca valenzuela, franny and zooey, friends with money, get real, ghost world, gilmore girls, girl interrupted, grey's anatomy, gus van sant, happy endings, hard candy, i am an animal, i love huckabees, in her shoes, inside the actor's studio, into the wild, introspections, javiera mena, juno, juventud en Éxtasis, katy perry, la sagrada familia, life as a house, lily allen, linkin park, literature, little miss sunshine, lord of the rings, lost, lost in translation, lying, madonna, mala onda, marciano, marie antoinette, match point, monster, movies, music, my babysitter bites back, napoleon dynamite, nature, nelly furtado, nervous breakdowns, nicole, nirvana, panic at the disco, paramore, pessimism, peta, photography, pieces of april, placebo, pride and prejudice, pxndx, reading, requiem for a dream, rocko's modern life, saiko, saturday night live, saved, se arrienda, six feet under, sixty six, snobism, soffia coppola, soko, subliminal sarcasm, the bridge, the butterfly effect, the chemical brothers, the comeback, the ellen degeneres show, the killers, the notebook, the number 23, the royal tenenbaums, the simpsons, the virgin suicides, thinking, un grito desesperado, vegetarianism, vlac the drac: superstar, volando sobre el pantano, walking, zeitgeist the movie