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How could I know?

You were taken away from me too fast, I did not see it coming at all, I wasn't ready and I would never be.

You choose me long ago and I knew right away how lucky I was of having you, I knew how special you were when you knocked on my door, I even stole you from your original family, but we both knew you did not belong there.

God I miss you, so bad, I keep on coming back to the backyard just to be near you, but am I really near you? Where are you?Were you ever really here?Because I keep on looking for you all over and I can't find you anywhere, I need you near me, but you're not coming back and I keep on seeing you everywhere, you are appearing everywhere to me, you are letting me see you, but not long enough and I don't know what to do because I'm going crazy here alone, waiting for something that will never come back ever again. I'm a wreck without you and nothing makes any sense anymore, even thought life goes on I wonder if it should, I mean why move one when there's something missing? I don't want to do anything without you, I have no goals now, no expectations nor purposes.

Why do all good things come to an end? Why me? Why did you have to leave? I don't ask for much, I don't do any harm to anyone, I don't bother anyonee, so why taking you away from me? It's not fair at all, I'm sick of being sad, tired of crying and feeling this way, I don't want to be sad anymore, but I won't move one like this.

I feel dead, senseless, useless, cold and sad, empty with no direction, I want to go where you are, runaway from this towards you, let's make everything like it used to be.

I'll never forgive myself for leaving you alone on that day, guilt will be stuck in my soul forever, because I left you alone.

No one understand this, because no one knew you the way I did, I was supposed to be the only one who got it,who received you like we should, I was the only one who knew the secret about you, you were more than special to me, you were sent from heaven to me, but I wonder if you ever accomplished what you were supposed to do to me? did you? is that why you left?

I can't wait to see you again, I know someday I will and from now on I will be waiting for that moment to arrive so we can meet again like we used to.

I will always be missing you and remembering you, and though I know now that I'll never be happy, I am glad to know that you will always watch over me.

I miss you and I'll love you forever.

Goodbye for now.